Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving and the quote...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are stuffed like pigs at Christmas, or is it turkeys at Thanksgiving? Castle Hill - and all of you who got us there (you know who you are!) - spoiled us rotten today... We overlooked Newport Harbor holding hands, grateful to be together, so surrounded and so supported as we head into this chemo/immuno marathon. We managed not to think about "stuff" for a few hours... OH, and last night's sunset in Newport was so incredible - and so special.

I remarked to Steve that after our all-day meetings at MGH on Tuesday and Wednesday's trip to Dr Wisch's, I realized how skewed my view of the medical profession had become. I never ever had such an authoritative, competent and confident team describe to me in a holistic way what was going on with Theo which is why I had to become the autism project manager.

I do have a fair amount of understanding now of mantle cell lymphoma - but let's just say I'm leaving the hematology to the specialists.

In this surreal, science fiction story (which I still wish would go away, alas...) we have many strong prayers of Thanksgiving that we live where we live, know who we know, are in the care of these amazing folks, have good insurance, etc . So, yeah, it's utterly weird, random and rare but we have a PLAN that has been tested. I love those Nordics with their icy blue hearts too.

Anyway, the important thing is that Steve and I are ready to rock and roll. And on the tough days I will heed the advice which is etched onto the great new mug that my dear friend Janet gave me: "I'll have a caffe mocha vodka valium latte to go, please!"

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