Sunday, March 8, 2009


Happy Sunday night to all - Steve and I enjoyed a much needed "together and alone" weekend. It felt like Spring, he biked and I hiked, although we have another 3" of snow coming tomorrow. Speaking of cold with the hope for Spring...

My brother Phil sent out the amazing note below a few days ago - little did we know that he has been stealthily training for the Boston Marathon on his basement treadmill in tundra-like Wisconsin. Needless to say, the cheering section on April 20th as runners come through Wellesley will be LARGE (and for anyone interested in joining us, please let me know; we live a short distance from the Marathon route)

Here's a picture of Phil. It's incredibly humbling that he has managed to find time to train while also being a great husband/Dad, carrying a full neurosurgery caseload and running The Neuroscience Group. Along with whatever financial support you can provide (we do know that times are tough), please feel free to share any notes of encouragement. I'm going to pull together a scrap book for Phil and our family to remember this by.

Insha'allah (we are half Lebanese after all), the plan is for Steve to have Phil's microchip number so that, despite being in-patient at MGH, he can follow Phil's progress online that day. Here's Phil's note... and thanks for all the continued thoughts and prayers!

Dear family & friends,

Just 7 weeks from today, 25,000 official entrants will compete in the 113th Boston Marathon. I will be one of them, with the express purpose of raising money for a great cause.

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is a nonprofit organization that is searching for better treatments, and a cure, for Multiple Myeloma.

As you may or may not know, my brother-in-law, Steve Pratt, was diagnosed in 2008 with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. As well, my cousin Bryan Ison and my close friend Mark Chelsky were both diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, in 1999 and 2007, respectively.

These three men are “fighting the good fight” and are the inspiration for this effort, my first marathon.

I understand that these are tough financial times, but please consider opening your wallets, and your hearts


Please forward this to others, as you see appropriate.

Thank you

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