Sunday, April 19, 2009

Either side of the elevator

Greetings from Ellison 14 (medical oncology side, am not having another baby, but more on that in a minute)... when I got back from lunch a few minutes ago, Steve looked almost like himself: on the bike spinning his legs, with his shades on because it's sunny, and the music was blaring.
He hasn't had the nicest of weekends: the nausea has been nasty (bland chicken salad on white bread has been his diet for 2 days now), and the four walls feel constraining. I teased that maybe we could change the furniture around to mix things up a bit. That said, Steve is being positive, and woke up this morning deciding it was going to be a good day, and it has been so far!
So one of the fascinating things about Mass General - besides being the most amazing place for me to participate in my absolute favorite sport: people-watching - is that the 14th floor houses both medical oncology and labor/delivery. Steve and I actually noticed that on our way up here last Monday, and I decided to take a picture today. You can imagine what we thought of that juxtaposition.
Luckily Steve has every possible technology invention in here with him: laptop, webcam, kindle, internet access... we watched Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on, and are about to watch "Lost in Translation" (Speaking of Bill Murray, we hope you all saw that he is such a bad golfer that at a charity event 2 days ago his drive hit a woman in the head across the street! He described it as, "Well, sobering...")
Finally, I felt like a fraud yesterday as I picked up my brother Phil's Boston Marathon bib... I carried the yellow bag of goodies to his hotel, and MANY people wished me good luck in the race. I decided to just be gracious about it...
PLEASE send emails - Steve's feeling the loneliness!

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The Ristau family sends you our thoughts and prayers. We met you years ago celebrating Easter at your parents. Darcie and I are college buddies who remain best friends here in Atlanta. Your strength has been amazing and your humor so enlightening. May God continue to bless you and may tomorrow be your beginning to the cure that you have worked so hard to attain.