Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dear friends,

It wasn't such a fun weekend for Steve on Ellison 14... he literally has "ZERO" white cells and neutrophils (thus, NO protection from any infection). He's not hungry, and he has alot of discomfort in his mouth/throat from the chemo fallout. As always, he is amazingly focused and looking on the bright side.

So, on a fun note, we thought we'd launch a competition... We're compiling a very important list, of the TOP TEN MOVIES ABOUT ISOLATION. We need your movie ideas, and to get things kicked off, here are a few we brainstormed yesterday, via Skype, with Steve's brother George and our sister in-law Sydney:

"Inside Man"

"Waiting for Godot"

"Count of Monte Cristo"


Place your votes! We want to hear from you! The wittiest and funnest movie ideas will be celebrated in a special way, so don't hold back!



Anonymous said...

The Shining

Darcie (who can't remember her Blogger ID)

Mary said...

Bird Man of Alcatraz? I saw it a long time ago and don't remember well--but he was pretty isolated, yes?

Anne said...

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
(1976 - TV Movie with John Travolta)

Crista and Harry said...

The English Patient

Anonymous said...

Some ideas from Barbara Baker's brother in law!

I am Legend


Seven Years in Tibet (never saw it, but sounds like it would be about isolation)

Anonymous said...

Good call, Darcie. I even suggested this to know, him walking through the ward saying, "Here's Stevie!" with an ax.

The Great Escape. Steven McQueen throwing the baseball against the wall is the key scene.

Office Space. The guy who's sent down to the basement with his stapler.

Into the Wild.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

Steve had mentioned "2001: A Space Odyssey", which is another good choice.

How about movies where I was the only one in the theater watching? If that's a category, then "Shakes the Clown" overqualifies.

Anonymous said...

The butterfly and the diving bell

The Miracle Worker

Anonymous said...

The Exterminating Angel (El ángel exterminador)

Alexandra said...

Lost in Translation.

jbriggs_87 said...