Monday, December 22, 2008

OK,OK, OK Already

OK, OK, OK already… so you all know what I’m feeling: just how can I keep up with Steve’s amazing writing and poetry? Isn’t it intimidating to share a blog with him? The answers are: I can’t and YES! So I’m just going to be me. Hope that’s OK with you, because it’s really OK with me.

We’re here at Dr Wisch’s office. Steve is asleep – thanks to a few doses of Benadryl; the infusion of the Rituxan seems to be going well. Tomorrow morning we need to be at the hospital about 6:30 a.m., for the Ara-C "round". This is the 2nd chemo series, and alternates with the CHOP. We’ve been told to expect that the nausea will be more noticeable with this round, and Steve continues to have a positive attitude along the lines of, "Just bring it on and let’s plow through this…"

Speaking of plowing – we have over a foot of snow at the house. The two back-to-back snowstorms this weekend were undoubtedly organized to wreak maximum havoc on my nervous system. I’ll spare you the details but suffice it to say that thank goodness all four of our boys are safely in their tropical destinations for Christmas, my mother is a saint for flying up to get Theo and Lucas and then flying back to Florida (timing BOTH legs of the trip to coincide with a snow storm), and I survived a treacherous 2+ hrs ride home from the Providence Airport last night. (Let me just say my knuckles are still white today) Steve loves all things mechanical and refused to let me use the snowblower; I think the next storm is on me, however!

We did celebrate Christmas on Friday night with the boys, and amazingly, we actually succeeded in choosing gifts this year with which everyone was HAPPY. It just goes to show that being really focused and not having a lot of time to make ourselves crazy about Christmas gifts is a good thing… as is online shopping.

We’re grateful, too, for some fun and lovely friend visits this last week – the timing was great with Steve’s white blood cells rebounding, and schedules working out. Thanks to Andrew, Renee, Sarah, Sandy, Mark and Phil – and of course Aunt Debbie and Uncle Joe - for making the trek to Dover!

As predicted, Steve is losing his hair, in fairly large clumps. He’s really doing OK with it, although I teased him that he had the misfortune of wearing a black sweater yesterday so that we could calculate the number of hairs lost. Let’s just say it’s a lot. Oh, and he’d want you to know that the BACK HAIR IS COMING OUT. He’s going to thank Dr. Wisch for that one –

Hugs to all -

p.s. I just looked online and have to say that I’m sorry to bump Coach Troy out of the top slot on the blog…

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Mark Alston-Follansbee said...

i hope the effects of the treatment will not take away from some lovely time by yourselves without the boys. watch It's a Wonderful Life and think about all we have to be grateful for, even in these difficult days. Peace and love to you both, Mark