Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yule or Yul?

Yule tidings to all! We’re grateful to be home after Steve received his high dose Ara-C chemo treatment at Newton-Wellesley (free parking on Christmas Day, by the way). From the attached photo please let me know if I should call him Yul (Brynner) or buy him lollipops (a la Telly Savalas). Views/votes?

Steve is fairly exhausted but that’s more because of the “screamers” on the chemo ward the last two nights than any specific side effects. We had none other than Dr Wisch personally attending to this first of three cycles of the Ara-C; he seemed relieved to hear that Steve was mostly bored for the 48 hours. His direct quote was, "I like boring. A LOT." It is fairly disconcerting to see all the hazardous chemical warnings and special trash bins for the IV materials with this cocktail. Every 9 hours, Steve needed to have neurological testing done because Ara-C can affect the cerebellum and thus fine and gross motor function (ugh). In classic Steve fashion, he renamed one of the neuro exercises “the cancan” and even hummed along to Dr Wisch’s delight this morning! Yup, some guys will do anything to get released from the hospital…

He also promised Dr Wisch to touch his own nose next time. (Just kidding, but Dr Wisch did say that he has had patients touch his nose before!)

Tomorrow Steve gets another shot of Neulasta to stimulate his white cell production, and Monday we’re back at the doctor’s office again to document his plunging white cell counts. But most of all, we’re grateful to be home with a lot of movies still to watch in Alex’s great duffle bag of treasures, some more yummy shepherd’s pie, and the prospect of seeing most of our brothers this weekend.

Remember to wish Steve a Happy Feast Day tomorrow – he is convinced that December 26th is better known for the St. Stephen piece than for the sales-Boxing Day stuff. Let’s not burst his bubble, OK?

Hugs to all,


trish said...

well, that would be a defo yul from the deseines..smouldering and mysterious, though i'm sure, steve, twas not your intention! we've been following your progress, admiring your spirit (and talent) and send you much, much love and affection from chilly paree.
t, t, t, v and c

Blaze said...

As a cartoonist's kid, especially since Tex did Little Orphan Annie for years after Harold Grey died, I think Steve looks more like Daddy Warbucks in that picture, so I think you should call him "Daddy", Kath. (Or do you sometimes call him that already?)

Kieran said...

I hate to tell you Steve, I think the look is working for you...its very hip!

Sending more hugs, prayers and thoughts,