Monday, December 1, 2008

Top Ten Good Things About Chemo

From the home office in Newton, Massachusetts:

10. Annual savings in haircuts (@ $22/month) and shampoo (one bottle went a LONG way with me anyway).

9. Free Wi-Fi allows me to watch tons of junky tv shows on Hulu.

8. Drowsiness caused by Benedryl drip compensates for giving up Guinness for the next year.

7. "What are you in for?" conversations with cell mates...err, fellow patients.

6. Blood pressure checks every quarter hour fill my narcissistic need for attention.

5. Hearing about nurse's cats and Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Get out of emptying trash for next year.

3. Oncologist's office now accepts Starbuck's card.

2. Great "Go Steve, Go" emails from friends and stalkers.

1. Three words: Goodbye Back Hair.


Blaze said...

Hideho, Stevearino, it is amazing and heartening to see you maintain your sense of humor through this. As a cartoonists' kid, the Mighty Mouse bit was especially hilarious. Not familiar with Hulu, will have to check it out. Go, Steve, go!

Andrew Wolk said...

As a consultant, I wonder what the overall yearly savings are:

1. combs/brushes
2. shampoo
3. gas
4. hair gel - you used a lot hair gel -- didn't you?

What else?

SMP said...

opportunity cost?