Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog update

Yes, I do realize that the cartoon is of a turtle and not a groundhog, but it makes me smile every time I look at it, and Steve has it taped to his computer monitor which meant I thought his fan club – YOU!!! - would want to see it. To add to the animal references, today was even Mighty Mouse day! The Rituxan was wonderfully uneventful, and we were home much earlier than anticipated. Tomorrow we head into Newton-Wellesley for 7:30 a.m… hopefully the Nor'Easter won't be too tough to drive through.

The fun part of today was catching up with Dr. Wisch. After he shared with us that HE had a great weekend because of Steve’s news on Friday, the guys spoke of their favorite Super Bowl advertisements: with Alec Baldwin, the Doritos commercial with the crystal ball, and (Dr Wisch’s favorite) the one with the Moose whose backside is hanging over a guy’s head, in the ante-chamber of a stuffy men’s club, with the caption, “It’s time to find a new job... We can help."

Interestingly, discussing the Moose came after an impromptu dissertation of our favorite Woody Allen lines of all time, including “Showing up is 80% of the game…” (Dr Wisch’s) and “I’m not paranoid, they really are after me” (mine) Steve will be adding to the Woody Allen mania by burning, for Dr. Wisch, a CD of a stand up act Allen gave in 1962. Yes, Sandy, this is the recording that includes the following lines, “I was driving, upstate New York, with a live moose strapped to my trunk…” followed by, a few minutes later when the moose was attending a costume party at which a couple was dressed as a moose, “The Berkowitz’s and the moose locked antlers in the living room.” (shhhhhh, please don’t tell Dr. Wisch, we want this to be a surprise)

On a serious note, we remain incredibly grateful that we’re on the track we need to be on, and we don’t take that for granted. It’s still a long haul from here, and Dr. Wisch really made the point of saying that he’s not letting down his guard, that the dosages will continue to be high, and the medication(s) will continue to be nasty.

So let me thank you for your continued warm/positive thoughts, friendship, visits, support, funny jokes, food care packages, foot bath deliveries (Barb, let's keep 'em guessing about this one) and -- above all - love and prayers

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