Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Match

We’re settling into a quiet weekend of music, games, comfort food and boys kicking off their February school vacation. You might have noticed that the blog doesn’t get updated as often as it used to; in part, that’s because when it’s tough and hard, we’re so intent on getting through that which leaves no energy for anything above and beyond…

For Steve, this week had some new events tied to it. Monday night as we were enjoying a great visit with a bunch of Eureka Fellows/friends, Steve received a phone call that his son Roddy had fainted. At 9pm, Steve left our house to drive to Arlington to be near Louis, while his ex-wife brought Roddy to Childrens Hospital where they spent most of the night. The great news is that Roddy is fine.

But Steve’s crashing white blood, red blood and platelet counts meant that by Thursday he was winded just walking up a flight of stairs; after a nose bleed, and a few emergency calls to Dr. Wisch’s office, he received a blood and platelet transfusion. Steve being Steve, he refused for me to leave my training session to join him at the hospital; in fact, he got onto the wireless connection and continued to work all afternoon.

Given my Lebanese roots and the cultural belief that “all things come in threes”, by Thursday evening it was apparent that Lucas had indeed shared his chest cold from last weekend with me, despite mega-doses of vitamin C and zinc as well as obsessive hand-washing.

Here it is Valentine’s Day and we can’t even hug each other, nor dance in the living room to our song, “Carrying a Torch”. I’ve been sleeping in Theo’s room, since he’s off at school, but on the bright side, Steve and I have invented the “Valentine wave” down the hallway.

But, do you want to hear the nicest part of the week? Steve and I are a match in a new way: our blood types are both a rocking A+!!!!


Mary said...

Let's hope that three was the magic number and that THAT stuff is over with. Take your zinc lozenges!


Kieran said...

ARGH. Life is always one darn thing after another. I am glad you have a Valentine in the house, if not in your arms. Drink tea and I am sending germ-free hugs.


Bruce & Helene said...

Glad to hear Roddy if OK; did they ever figure out why he fainted? Regarding the platelet transfusion, was it the good china, or the everyday? That's very cool, that you have the same, rare, blood type! For the cold, try oscillococcinum; works for me, although it works best if you take as soon as you begin to feel the first symptoms. If you couldn't dance together Saturday, then you'll just have to have your very own Valentine's Day celebtration another day! Best wishes, Bruce & Helene

Dara said...

I'm just sending a note to say hello, send you and your family my well wishes. Sound slike you're getting through this and while it's hard to understand the complexities of the indicators I think you're doing well and getting through this path towards recovery! Good to hear your humor is intact and you're doing the wave at home.