Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steve's morning humor

Greetings from room 401 at Newton-Wellesley Hospital; we're calling it the Rhode Island suite. Steve has already made both Joan, his nurse, and Dr O'Connor laugh out loud this morning:

Steve, "So we're thrilled about the CT results, but Dr. Wisch says I still can't have a Guinness."

Dr. O'Connor, " You really need an Irish doctor... If you went to Tommy O'Herlihy at the Brigham, he'd give you a Guiness too."

And then seeing the electronics set up in the room (Steve arrived with his own power strip even!), Dr. O'Connor commented, "I'm glad you didn't bring the XBox because we want the interns doing work..."

Nurse Joan, "OK, so no drug allergies... hmmm, what other information do I need?"

Steve, "I'm a Leo. That's really important."

Nurse Joan, "We need to weigh you now so they can mix the Ara-C."

Steve, "The Haagen Dazs dulce de leche was actually prescribed by Dr. Wisch, in case I've put on weight."

Never a dull moment, but as you all know we're hoping humor keeps the treatment as dull as humanly possible. Thanks for all the love and prayers, and as you can tell, Steve is looking on the bright side of this treatment.


Geoffrey said...

Gooooooal!! Another score, you can beat this...continue to endure and Kick butt Steve! -Then I'll join you for a Guiness!

Blaze said...

See you later, alligator!